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The number one cause of obesity

Every day of the week I see articles on obesity. People often say why don’t people just eat less and exercise more. I wish it were that simple. It’s a very complex issue. However, speaking as an expert in obesity there is one factor that is common in near enough every case you can imagine.

Its not eating too much.

Its not exercising too little.

This factor is responsible for near enough every case of starvation and obesity. Sadly no politician can do anything about it nor is the political will there.

The number one cause of obesity is poverty.

Food that is high in fat and low in nutrition is mass produced and cheap.

Food that is high in nutrition and low in fat is hand produced and expensive. Those on lower incomes cannot afford it.
Generally speaking, people who are cash poor tend to be time-poor so they don’t have time to cook fresh food. You ask a single mother of 4 to cook from fresh and you are asking a lot (although there may be exceptions.)

Some people can only afford to eat one or two meals per day. If that happens then your body thinks that nutrition isn’t coming regularly. It will slow its metabolism and will store as much fat as it can.

People who are in a rush often wolf down their food quickly so the brain doesn’t register it. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that you have eaten. Such people stuff themselves making the problem worse. What happens if that food is high fat? It gets worse.

With the greatest of respect in the world those who are cash poor can be less well educated. They may not know what is best nutritionally for them. If that causes offence then I am sorry.

With the greatest respect in the world those who are cash poor can be less well educated and so they may not know what is best nutritionally and we apologize if that causes offence.

Lastly those on lower incomes cannot afford expensive gyms and personal trainers.

This is what makes me so angry when I see some trainers and hypnotherapists charging stupid amounts of money. Those who need them can’t afford them. If you click my website you will see that I have a range of options for people of all budgets- from those on benefit to the Bill Gates of this world.

In 2015 the Fabian society published Hungry for change and all my suspicions proved to be correct. See here for proof that I was correct.


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