Recruiting fitness trainers into a home-based business.

Over the years I’ve been pitched by people from Herbal Life, Monavie, Forever Living, Re-Liv, Jeunesse, Visalus, Javita, Nikken, Vemma, Natures Sunshine and others. They all have great products but their attempts have one thing in common. Their attempts to recruit me have been awful. It’s usually “we have great products.”

I’ve even had “I saw you training two fat losers yesterday. Would you like to get them into X to get them better results?”

My response?

“Are you calling my mother and my aunt two fat losers?”

I do live online workshops telling you how to recruit fitness trainers into such a business.

Please watch this 90 second video from personal trainer Dan Ivers which shows you that I know what I am talking about.

Why not come to one of my live online workshops on how to recruit fitness trainers into such a business?

This is what you’ll learn when you attend the online workshop. You will be informed when the next one is.

  • How you can form a win-win relationship with them. You’ll see that they need you more than you need them.
  • A sales letter that really connects with them.
  • A no-pressure legal strategy for what to do if they say they can’t afford to join that doesn’t make them feel bad but gets them to join.
  • My version of the Big Al one minute presentation that made Big Al say “You are making me feel as if I want to join!”
  • A legal method to increase your income in any home-based business that complies with the rules.
  • The number one cause of obesity.
  • The super fast super ninja method of recruiting.