Welcome to our new programme

Welcome to Operation Mums in Mind the new fitness programme for busy mums designed by mums.

Dear Mothers who are looking to get into tip-top shape for summer and beyond
Welcome to the new super affordable fitness programme for people like you (£1 for a 10- day trial and then £1-£1.50 per day.) I tell you the price up front because I am so confident in the product I don’t need to hide it like some of my competitors. I am very mindful that lots of mothers are on tax credits or on maternity leave and can’t pay monthly so I have a range of options including paying weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

This is a programme for people who want to get in shape but have been prevented from doing so because of childcare reasons, fear of going to the gym, time and weather- don’t worry you’re in good company there are millions of such people. You want to do something, you know if you do nothing then you could be in a worse situation but these reasons stop you.

Who am I and how did I come up with the programme?

My name is James Bond and I am a health and fitness expert based in the UK.I have trained many people who want to get into shape and after hearing the story of loads certain patterns kept emerging so I came up with a unique solution for you all to get you into tip top shape for summer and beyond. This programme is perfect for busy people or those with kids.

We live stream fitness classes across the internet from our studio into your living rooms. These are not recordings – they are live. This eliminates all problems of childcare, time, weather, fear of going to the gym and cost. See what two young ladies had to say.

Such a lovely guy 😀 just filled in the online form and got a personal call almost instantly. Can’t wait to start my trial xx reeeaally looking forward to feeling better, stronger, fitter, and hopefully looking better too x

Brilliant idea. And perfect time for me as my boys go to bed at 9. As a mum
Of 4 I don’t have time in the day and am too tired at night this is just what I need as I gained so much weight 4 yrs ago after my mum died suddenly due to comfort eating and stopping the gym.

Childcare is, and always has been, the number one reason many people cannot exercise. We are very aware that lots of parents get up in the morning, get the kids ready for school, do the school run, do your day job, get the children from school and look after the family in the evening. The only times you can exercise is either before the little ones wake up (but then you are in a rush) or in the evening. You could go to a 24-hour gym when the kids are in bed but that’s not very convenient. There is an issue of safety too- I used to work in a 24 hour gym and I am speaking from experience! I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a 24-hour gym late at night.

Fear of going to the gym. I have lost count of the number of people I have had to ban from my fitness classes for making fun of the overweight. It can be super scary to go to a fitness class if you have a few extra pounds and you are standing next to a size 8 Lycra clad gym bunny. Here nobody watches you- even I can’t see you!

However, included in the price is free access to our optional ladies only nude fitness classes (no joke!) Please note men are not allowed to come to the ladies only nude fitness classes. (More of that later.)

Weather. No matter what the weather is outside you can follow this programme!

Time The classes take place at 9 pm UK time when those under 11 years old (theoretically) will be in bed. By that time its cooler and the working day has ended too. You work out in the comfort and safety of your living room – knowing your kids are safely tucked up in bed. After your exercise, you get a bite to eat, and then you get a really good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling energized in the morning. Simply join the programme and you’ll be given a free copy of 7 ways to lose weight without a personal trainer. (You can argue I’m putting myself out of business!) (I say theoretically because when I was a kid I was very rebellious on that front.)

I know what you are thinking.

You are probably thinking you’ve tried things in the past that haven’t worked. You are in great company, my books are full of such people. I promise you that if you attend at least twice a week, follow the nutrition programmes you are given and follow our lifestyle advice you will see great positive changes over time.

I know what you are about to ask me.

You are about to ask me “Why should I pay to go on this programme when I can get a set of DVDs or use a youtube video for free?”

My books are full of such people who have said this. I always call up people who say this to me some 6 months after they say this and they are always in the same situation or in some cases worse. This is why. These DVDs are very cheap- so there is very little financial commitment. All too often you buy them for £4.99-£9.99 put them to one side where they gather dust (trust me I’ve done this!) I even know fitness trainers who have recorded exercise DVDs with no content on them knowing that the customer will never watch them but by that time they’ve made their money.

There is no appointment. Imagine this with my system on Saturday you get an email inviting you to each class that week. you get a reminder 24 hours and one hour in advance. If you don’t attend for a while you get a phone call to give you a nudge.  (If you attend well you also get a phone call to say well done!) DVDs and youtube videos don’t do this. If you miss the live class you miss it. Imagine this you watch Neighbours at 5:30 pm. Then you may watch the Simpsons on Channel 4 at 6 pm. You may then watch 4-5 episodes of the Simpsons on Sky One. Before you know it the evening has gone and it’s a case of bedtime and roll on tomorrow.  You’ve missed your chance to exercise.

These youtube DVDs can be filmed by anyone- you have no idea if that person is qualified. For example, I once witnessed this guy who sold supplements taking a fitness class. One exercise was a high impact exercise. One woman who had given birth some 9 months previously wet herself and it was very embarrassing for her. I asked this guy what were his qualifications and what fitness training courses he had done- he said none. That says it all, you put yourself at risk with a youtube video and this is far from an isolated incident.  No ethical properly trained fitness trainer would ever get a lady who has had a baby in the last 12 months to do a high impact exercise.

If you rely on youtube videos or DVDs I promise you that in 12 months there will be very little, if any, change. Exactly the same applies to cheap gyms. They rely on people paying a nominal amount of money, not attending and thinking to themselves “It’s only £X” I’ll go next week. They never do. Gyms rely on people paying their subscriptions and not going -partly for reasons of space- we are not limited by space.

We want you to come at least twice a week and get the results you want.

How many classes should I attend a week

I would recommend two or more- depending on time availability. I always advise that every 4 weeks you rest for a week and during that week you have a super high protein diet.  (This is why footballers are rested in order to recuperate.) For ladies, I recommend that this week’s rest coincides with certain times of the month.

When are the classes?

  • Monday at 9 pm UK time.
  • Tuesday at 9 pm UK time.
  • Thursday at 9 pm UK time.
  • Friday around 7 pm UK time.
  • Saturday at 10 am or 5 pm UK time.

What you will gain on this programme

  • You’ll look better.
  • You’ll feel better.
  • You’ll lose excess body fat.
  • You’ll save money because you won’t need those all those expensive weight loss items you’ve bought which haven’t worked. How many methods have you tried which have not worked?
  • You’ll save time.
  • You’ll save effort because your programme will be devised for you.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable in yourself.
  • You’ll get compliments from your friends.
  • You will receive praise from people.
  • Your health will improve no end.
  • You will sleep better.
  • You will wake up with more energy.
  • You will feel less stressed.
  • You are losing excess fat faster than before.

Who this programme is for

  • People who are serious about getting in the best shape and health of their life.
  • People who are willing to commit to coming at least once a week.
  • People who are willing to take advice on diet and lifestyle.
  • People who have tried lots of other things in the past but failed for the above reasons (and others.)

Who this programme is NOT for

    • People who think they know it all.
    • People who are not willing to commit to coming at least once a week.
    • People who can’t give at least 3 months commitment.
    • People who are not willing to take advice on diet and lifestyle.
    • People who are looking for a quick fix-there is no such thing.
    • People who don’t like having a trainer of foreign background. Although I was born and raised in the UK I am of Asian background.

If you are one of these people then please do not sign up for this programme.

Please note our money back guarantee.

If you come more than twice a week and follow our nutrition plan then you will get double your money back and free training until you are satisfied.

  • However you must come at least twice a week.
  • You must follow our lifestyle advice.
  • You must follow our nutrition programme.

So click below and get started. You’ll be diverted to a payment page for your trial, then a health screening form, and then a terms and conditions form, then a form to get your links to each class sent to you. It takes some 10 minutes in total and then you are good to go. If you choose to continue then it’s £30.07 per month for a 12 month contract and £45.00 per month on a month to month contract. Now please note I am very aware of the financial situation of mothers so there are weekly payment options.


Yes! I’m ready to start operation mums in mind

Simply fill out the form below and you’ll be diverted to your health screening form.

You’ll also get a FREE copy 7 ways to lose weight without hiring a personal trainer- (written by James Bond personal trainer) and a FREE subscription to our weekly newsletter that is packed full of the latest fitness information, tips and healthy recipes. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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James Bond Health and Fitness | Crookes | Sheffield S10 1TB, South Yorkshire S10 1TB
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| 08082221007

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

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