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Let’s stop the cancer epidemic

Today is my late Dad’s birthday. He died of cancer. Nobody knows more about the pain of losing a loved one to cancer than I do.

So this is what I want you to do. Please go to this link print it off and read it. I detail how to avoid the commonest cancers. If you are a parent then you’ll see great hints on how to help your children avoid the commonest cancers.

Please do what my Dad did- if you have any female relatives make sure they do a breast self-examination once a month. If my female relatives didn’t he grounded them. He was a doctor and every 3 months he’d check them himself.

If you have any male relatives please ensure that they check their testicles once a month. Again Dad made all of us do that once a month and every 3 months he’d check us himself.

So please print off Let’s stop the cancer epidemic by clicking this link.


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