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Help save the rainforest and improve your sex life at the same time.

From WWF https://www.wwf.org.uk/updates/5-ways-help-amazon-rainforest

The world has beenshocked by the stories of the burning of the Amazon rainforest.

Let me explain why it has happened. The Brazilians have no choice-they have huge debts (1.)

Imagine it’s christmas, you have huge expenses. Your salary does not cover the expenses so you may take out a loan or a credit card. Very often they have huge levels of interest. Come 2nd January nobody has any money and the shops are empty. Everybody is waiting for pay day at the end of the month. What happens if your employer goes out of business and can’t pay you? (It can easily happen. January is a tough time for many employers. They have no customers, they still have to pay their staff and there is the tax bill to pay at the end of the month.)

If you don’t meet your monthly repayment your creditors add default charges and compound interest on top of that. Before you know it the debt is huge.Very often people don’t pay it off until October and then the cycle occurs again.

When you consider that costs are going up all the time. See High Prices see residents count rising cost of living (2.) You may also want to see War on wages list reveals professions earning less than they did 7 years ago.(3.)

Inflation is 3%. Wage rises are at best 1%. Many people are on zero hour contracts which means that your wages are worth less and less.

The Brazilians, like many countries in the developing world owe hundreds of billions of dollars. Something like 1/5th of their income goes on paying off these debts. They have paid off the capital several times over.

These sanctions (4) will do no good. If you were heavily in debt what good would it do you if they cut your salary?

How we can help all the Brazilans

Firstly we must all lobby our politicians to write off all outstanding debts that these countries pay. The capital has been paid off many times over. it would be the most humanitarian thing ever. What they have done in the past was stupid. All they did in the past was sell the debt onto another debtor. It’s like having a debt of £10,000 on one credit card and doing a balance transfer to another card.

The debtor either has to try and pay it off or go bankrupt.The problem here is that the levels of interest are ridiculous.

So what can I do as an individual?

Every week buy a packet of Brazil nuts! If we all to this then they have to keep the forests alive.

Go on a Brazilian safari holiday to the rainforest but please remember to take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

Watch this video for more reasons they the rainforest is in danger (5.)

If you want to fight climate change eat less meat (6.)

The best method to avoid obesity is to turn vegetarian or preferably vegan. I can’t make my fat loss clients go vegetarian or vegan. I can only advise. However, those that do all report a very safe, very rapid loss of excess body fat with a massive improvement in health.

Those that do all- without exception- report a very rapid, very safe loss of excess body fat. They all report a massive rise in energy and improvement in health.


Every time you eat meat then ​you are taking in animal fat, there is no way around that. However, you expose yourself to DASH.

Disease. You are exposing yourself to any disease that the animal had. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking a lower risk of cancer. Imagine if you ate some liver or kidney which had metastasised (spread) cancer in it?

Antibiotics. You are exposing yourself to any antibiotics that the animal was on.

Steroids. Again you are exposing yourself to any steroids that the animal was on.

Hormones. Farm animals are often force-fed hormones. I have often wondered if that is part of the reason why statistically speaking female vegetarians have a lower risk of fibroids and breast lumps and the like. Watch these videos showing how vegetarians have better sex. (7) and (8.)

Now see how this little girl reacts when she finds out that meat comesfrom animals.

So please stop eating meat for the sake of the planet.


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