End the financial rollercoaster of being a fitness trainer

Dear Personal trainer

I have a proposal to help end the financial rollercoaster of being a fitness trainer and be of better service to your clients. As you may well be aware some times of the year can be really bad for fitness trainers. This programme requires an initial investment of £90. However I can show you a way around that. Don’t let the price put you off. I was once £250,000 in debt so I do sympathise. I know of all these gurus who charge you the earth for their programmes.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bond, Dr. James Bond, I am a health and fitness expert and a Sheffield Star Fitness Columnist. I have also been featured in the Daily Mail. I work with people who want to improve their quality of life- particularly those who want to lose weight. What makes my service different is that I am the only personal fitness trainer in the North of England who is a qualified medical doctor. Therefore I can take on the general public and super high-risk cases that other fitness professionals will not dare like the case of Deborah Fox. Her story broke my heart.

I am not practising as a doctor because I was framed for something I did not do see How they lied on oath against me

The fitness industry is very seasonal. It’s great when all your clients pay you for 5-10 sessions up front. It’s awful half way through when the money runs out and you are desperate for the next block booking.

Some personal trainers have to pay their gym £3-400 a month in rent no matter how many or how few clients they see. It’s great if you have a good client base. It’s awful if you have a bad week or at certain times of year.

Some gyms get you to do 3x 5 hour shifts in lieu of £300 per month in rental so they value your time at £5 per hour. They also can get you coming in at some very anti social hours e.g. 8am on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Some do a token system where the client buys a session from the gym and the client gives you a token at the end of the session. You exchange it for your fee. However they can take anywhere from one tenth to two thirds of the money.

Bad times of year for the personal trainer

Mid July to the 1st week of September

It’s horrible financially. You may still have any of the above situations but everybody is on holiday and nobody is training. You may not be able to afford a holiday either because for the same reasons. You may be able to take a payment holiday but you can’t train anyone at the gym.

3rd week of November to the 3rd week of January

This is the leanest time of year for the fitness industry – the 3rd week of November to the 3rd week of January. Let me explain what you already know and why it’s the peak season for trainers to leave the profession..

  • Many people stop training because of Christmas social events..
  • High winter domestic fuel bills.
  • Christmas food expenses.
  • Christmas gifts to buy.
  • Tax return at the end of January. The financial year runs from 6th April to 5th April of the following year. You then have until 31st January the following year to submit your tax return and pay your taxes.
  • Your accountant’s bill.
  • £400 per month rent to pay or any of the above scenarios.
  • Often trainers are Desperate for the 3rd week of January when people get paid.

This is what I propose for you- a business opportunity that pays within the hour that will ensure your clients get better results.

This is how you benefit.

  • Your clients will get better results.
  • They will stay with you for longer.
  • They will give you testimonials and referrals.
  • Your marketing becomes super easy.
  • They’ll refer their friends and family to you given the amazing results they are getting.
  • No more financial roller coaster.
  • Your gym rent is covered before the 1st customer walks through the door.
  • You can avoid having to do anti-social hours. I worked at one gym where we had to do 3x 5-hour shifts a week in lieu of £300 a month in rent. So they value your time at £5 per hour. However, sometimes they get you coming in at 8 am on a Saturday or Sunday to do things such as cleaning. Did you really do all that work to become a trainer to clean a gym at 8 am on a Saturday or Sunday?
  • No more clients exploiting you with crap pay. Consider the bank manager who wanted 8 sessions on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 am. I quoted him £40 per session. On turning up he gave me £150. I said that was less than half what I quoted. He said he’d looked into my bank account and saw I needed the money for my bills going out on Monday and told me to take it or leave it. I had no choice.
  • You can enforce your cancellation policy. Most fit pros do a 24-hour cancellation policy. However, the client could say that if you enforce it they’ll not train again. Here you are not in that situation.
  • You can charge what you are worth. You have no fear of people haggling and giving in because you need the money and we’ve all had that. Consider one day I had 3 bailiffs, three court summons and that night a high court enforcer came to repossess my house. I found a way around this. However the following week I met some millionaires who wanted training. I was desperate and I had to agree to £30 to travel 11 miles each way and train them. Now I’d charge £150 for that. I now charge £50-75 per hour.
  • You can be selective on who you take on as clients as opposed to being desperate for clients.
  • You can go on holiday because you can afford it.
    • This is how.

      Firstly please watch this 16 minute video called Robert Kiyosaki’s business of the 21st century

      Then watch this 6 minute video called “I still think it’s a pyramid scheme.”

      This is how we go to work.

    • You email or text the 3 minute video below to 30 of your friends.
    • Statistically speaking 12 will want to join. Your clients will love the product.
    • You then join the business for the £90 franchise fee.
    • You get your 12 friends to join and get a regular supply by direct debit- also known as autoship.
    • This pays within the hour so within the hour you have your £90 back.
    • You enjoy the regular commissions.
    • You get your friends to do the same.
    • Duplicate.
    • If you work with me then you’ll be in the team of Walter Suarez who is the number 2 guy in the company. With it is a business coaching programme for those in the fitness industry included- all you do is get a regular supply yourself by direct debit.

      Please see this video from Pure gym personal trainer Dan Ivers. You’ll see what he thought of my business coaching.

      If you implement what I teach below you’ll have loads of clients. Imagine how much more successful you’ll be if you work with me?

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