Are you worried about the rise in energy prices?

See proof that I reduced my bills from £161.45 per month in July 2020 to £68 in October 2021 per month. I did not change suppliers, tariffs or contracts.

I have always believed in people going on a budget plan for the gas and electricity. If you don’t know what a budget plan is, its where your energy company estimates how much energy you’ll use over a year and split the cost among 12 equal instalments. That way you can avoid the high winter bills which coincide with Christmas making it the most expensive time of year. It goes a long way to avoiding the Christmas debt trap.

In July 2020 my budget plan for gas and electricity was £161.45. I thought that was very high. I am a part time energy broker, so I implemented loads of low cost and no cost energy efficiency measures.

In October 2021 they cut that down to £68 per month. You can see proof by going to this link.

I’ve released a guide for £9.99 showing how everyone can do the same thing. That money is largely to cover the internet bandwidth.

After the 1st and 2nd World Wars people had to pull together to get the country back on its feet. We’ve suffered the devastation of covid and now we need to do the same again. There is no reason why everybody can’t make similar savings.

Why is a fitness trainer doing this?

I can hear you all asking that question.

Firstly, the number one cause of obesity is poverty. In 2008 I wrote a blog about this. I was pasted but in 2015 the Fabian Society wrote a report called Hungry for change and all my findings were proved to be correct.

“I can’t afford it” is the one of the commonest reasons people refuse to train with me.

By having multiple streams of income, I can fund more scholarship places on my flagship £1.50 per day fitness programme Mums in Mind. On that programme I livestream fitness classes across the internet at 9:15pm when the kids are in bed.

I can also keep the price lower.

I can also use this money to fund new instructors.

What do you plan to achieve by this?

In the short term I want to end the heat or eat scenario faced by many people across the world. However, the 10-year plan is to fund the following.

  • To give Refuge- the domestic abuse charity- enough money to fund a safe house in every town and city in the UK for victims of domestic abuse.
  • To give Centrepoint- the homeless charity for young people- enough money to fund a safe house in every town and city for the homeless.
  • To fund the Langar bill of every Sikh temple in the UK. Langar is a free gift of food from God given to the community. It’s very commonly taken up by the homeless and runaway kids.

How do I get the guide?

If you have an Amazon Kindle then go to this link on Amazon

If not, you can go to this link

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Now, these case studies are very exciting. We’re sharing them because it’s important for people to realise that others have actually saved money. It’s important to see it is seems today that everybody is trying to sell you something and make ridiculous claims that you can just press a few buttons and still make money. That is not how it works. These specific people worked very hard and were dedicated. Yes they followed the programme but it’s not 100% of WHY they succeeded. We do our best to ensure that everybody has a shot of making it but the truth is that like anything else in life there is a lot more involved than a step by step programme. These people are special in that they reached their goals but that doesn’t mean you will. We do our best to give you every asset we can to help you reach them but only you are responsible for your success which the programme or fail. We could just put “results not typical” here in really small text but we think it’s our job to make you understand that you reach your goals you will have to work hard, learn a lot and execute. We’re here to help and look forward to working with you.