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The British Steel workers in Scunthorpe- my heart cries for them.

When I saw the media coverage of the impending closure of the steelworks in Scunthorpe I really felt for them.I have been where they are. In 2009 I was £250,000 in debt and I lost everything. I was living hand to mouth, week to week, living off a government benefit called working tax credit of £52 per week. In those days I was getting red warning letters every day. It came to a head one Friday when I got 3 court summons arrive in the post. I had three bailiffs come to visit and to cap it off a high court enforcer came round with a summons to repossess my house unless I gave him £30,000 within the hour. I had £1 to my name! My girlfriend at the time left me because I was so broke!

However I turned it round following some advice I got from a seeing a TV interview with Donald Trump.

On Sunday 2nd June at 8pm I will do a live online presentation telling you how to get out of your current situation ethically and legally.

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Remember the number one cause of obesity is poverty.

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Now the case studies you will see are very exciting. We’re sharing them because it’s important for people to realise that others have actually accomplished the programme that we created and to see it is possible.it seems today that everybody is trying to sell you something and make ridiculous claims that you can just press a few buttons and still make money. That is not how it works. These specific people worked very hard and were dedicated.

Yes they followed the programme but it’s not 100% of WHY they succeeded. We do our best to ensure that everybody has a shot of making it but the truth is that like anything else in life there is a lot more involved than a step by step programme. These people are special in that they reached their goals but that doesn’t mean you will. We do our best to give you every asset we can to help you reach them but only you are responsible for your success which the programme or fail. We could just put “results not typical” here in really small text but we think it’s our job to make you understand that you reach your goals you will have to work hard, learn a lot and execute. We’re here to help and look forward to working with you.

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