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Bond is a white male- Lashana Lynch cannot be 007- the comments of the REAL James Bond!

Bond is a white male- get over it.

I was rather angry -to be polite- at the idea that Lashana Lynch is going to be the next 007 (1.) My name is Bond, James Bond, I am an India ethnic minority and I say that this is political correctness going much too far!

This is the Hindu Swastika- not the Nazi one.

Bond is a white male and I for one say that it is wrong to change 007 to a black female actress. For those who moan about his womanising then remember those women he seduced did so by mutual consent. At best if Bond is too old then I am sure they can use the son of Bond. I am sure with all the women he’s bedded he must have had a son! Is nothing sacred?

I am no racist

Now I am no racist I was responsible for the commission for racial equality investigation into the University of Sheffield. At the time Dr Steve Peters (the same man who treated former England captain Steven Gerrard) was trying to get me thrown off my course. I took the view that if I was going down I’d take him with me. See (2). I have enclosed the CRE judgment(3). Peters used to openly flout the university’s anonymous marking system with impunity.

I also performed the legendary CV experiment. (4.) I applied for some medical jobs at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield with two identical CVs. One had the name David Smith. One had the name Sanjay Sharma. the results were striking. However, since I did it and had my findings published the University of Sheffield brought me up on disciplinary charges.

Common sense

However, we have to have common sense.

Florence Upton came up with the Golliwog as a simple child’s doll. Nothing more. People have taken it much too far. It’s a doll for children to play with.

Morris dancers forced to abandon performance after being accused of racism over traditional black face paint, witnesses say.

I was rather upset to read this article in The Daily Telegraph (5) and a supporting youtube video. (6)

Ba Ba Black sheep

I have many fond memories of my parents singing Ba Ba Black Sheep. Generations of kids have learned that nursery rhyme and it should be taken in the spirt it was meant for. The innocence of childhood. Here you can see an aboriginal man singing the legendary song. (7)

A sense of humour

Now I am Asian but I find nothing funnier than good Asian jokes. My favourite is why can’t India or Pakistan enter the world cup? Every time they get a corner they’ll build a shop!!!!!

The Handhi Bendhi Ghandi

One of my favourite movies is Ghandi where Ben Kingsley plays the part of the greatest men who ever walked this earth. Using non-violence he freed India from the British Raj.

However one of the funniest things I ever saw on TV was the Handhi Bendhi Ghandi (8) I am Asian. I found it funny. I can’t understand why anyone would write to the BBC about it. That said I note that Lenny Henry was the one who did the voice and he’s black!

The do it yourself Bee Gees Kit

If you look at the video of the Kenny Everett Do it yourself Bee Gees Kit you’ll see a hilarious video (9).

However look at the reaction of the 3 brothers (10.) They found it hilarious!

Man Arrested for Wearing a pig hat

I thought this was ludicrous. What did he do wrong? I don’t see any complaints from Jewish people who consider the pig to be a forbidden animal.

Although I am not a practising Hindu I have no problem with people wearing cow outfits! I don’t see the Jews complaining!

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio is famous for saying “I find it funny. You find it offensive. That’s why I am happier than you.”

So to all those people who are offended by such things I say get a life. Lighten up and enjoy life.

If I can find the Handi Bendhi Ghandi funny then so can you!

White Christmas

Some people have tried to ban the song called White Christmas.  Well check out this- The Drifters singing White christmas. (12)


So to those politically correct people I say three words-get a life!


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