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The Tunisian government the niqab veil for ‘security reasons’ We should too.

Tunisia as Islamic country has banned the niqab for security reasons (1.) Sri Lanka did the same. (2)  If you

The financial plight of UK mothers

Many couples in the UK cannot afford to have more children. When you go on maternity leave your income halves.

The London knife attacks- let’s do something about it.

This beautiful comment was made on BBC Question Time on Thursday 20th June 2019. (1) It sent shockwaves through the

Do you have problems sleeping?

Do you have problems sleeping? Well let's do something about it? Check out our latest blog called Bye Bye Sleeping

The British Steel workers in Scunthorpe- my heart cries for them.

When I saw the media coverage of the impending closure of the steelworks in Scunthorpe I really felt for them.I

Why the Tommy Robinson re-trial will not go anywhere

Let me explain why Tommy’s trial will not go anywhere. High Court judges have given permission for fresh legal proceedings


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