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Don’t buy weight watchers branded food

New Year’s resolutions

One of the commonest new years resolutions is to lose weight.

I am all for that.

However today I went to to the two local supermarkets down my road and to my horror I saw weight watchers branded food.

I am asking you NOT to buy it.

The highest respect for weight watchers
Now I have nothing but the highest respect for weight watchers.

Its quite common for my clients to go to weight watchers.

Their biggest asset is their group support.

The group support is the one thing that will get you the weight loss results you want with them. I only insist if any of my clients go to Weight Watchers that they attend the full group meeting. Statistically speaking you are 5 times more likely to get your weight loss results if you attend the full meeting.

The advantages of weight watchers
Any weight loss programme must be easy to comply with and it must be convenient.

WW fulfills those. Their programme does not forbid any particular food. Their programme strongly encourages fresh fruit and vegetables.Its very affordable and the contract is very flexibile.

Their branded food is a rip off
However today if you go to your local supermarket and you look at their branded food you can see its at least 50% more costly. You can get food of equal nutritional quality a lot more cheaply. I would advise cooking FRESH food according to proper advice. This compounds the number one cause of obesity- poverty.

Compounding the number one cause of obesity-poverty
For your information here are the reasons why poverty is the number one cause of obesity.

Food that is high in fat and low in nutrition is mass produced and cheap.

Food that is high in nutrition and low in fat is hand produced and expensive.

Those on lower incomes cannot afford it.

Generally speaking people who are cash poor tend to be time poor.

So they don’t have time to cook fresh food.

Some people out there can only afford to eat one or two meals a day.

If that happens then your body thinks nutrition isn’t coming regularly.

The body will slow down its metabolism and will store as much fat as it can.

People who are in a rush, often wolf their food down quickly so the brain doesn’t register it,

It take 20 minutes for the brain to register that you have eaten.

Such people stuff themselves making the problem worse – its worsened if that food is high fat.

With the greatest respect in the world those who are cash poor can be less well educated.

So they may not know what is best nutritionally and we apologise if that causes offence.

Lastly those on lower incomes cannot afford expensive gyms and personal trainers.

This is what makes me so angry when I see some trainers and hypnotherapists charging stupid amounts of money.

Those who need them can’t afford them.

Ironically when I first said all this in 2009 I was laughed at.

Politicians didn’t believe me. My colleagues didn’t believe me. Doctors didn’t believe me.

I was mocked by the media.

I proved to be right all long.

Hungry for Change Fabian Society First Published October 2015


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