Would you like to lose weight?

Do you feel unnattractive?

Do you not fit into your clothes as much as you would want to?

Do you suffer from a lack of energy ?

Do you suffer from a lack of sex drive?

Does your excess weight get in the way of you having a normal life?

Have you lost friendships or partners because of your weight?

Do you struggle with normal day to day things because of your weight?

Does walking a short distance of 30 feet make you out of breath?

Have you ever been ridiculed because of your weight?

Do you worry about going on holiday where people can see your exposed body?

Would you like a solution to all these problems?

Would you like the person who can help you to be a doctor?

As a specialist in the morbidly obese I am very aware of your pain- emotionally and physically. The way I see the plight of the obese person is easily put to the layman. Imagine you are at an airport with two 20kg suitcases and you have to walk to the check in desk with them. If you are at an airport you can either get someone to help you or you can get a trolley. Now imagine if your suitcases weighed not 20kg but 80kg (each) and there was nobody to help you and there was no trolley. Imagine if you had to walk a whole kilometre with those cases. You would stop every few steps to get a rest.

For someone who is heavily overweight they live with that every day. Why do you think so many of you are housebound? The irony is that on a daily basis I see postings on social media saying that these people should walk to lose weight. Well they would if they could! I was appalled once when I was chatting with the admin staff of a sports centre which hosted a weight watchers group meeting. They commented that the group stopped because the members wouldn’t walk an extra 30 feet to the meeting because of parking problems. A 30 foot walk can literally kill an obese person. Part of the reason is the incredible weight their legs have to carry and the abdominal fat presses on the lungs making it harder to breathe and the excess fat makes it harder for the respiratory muscles to work.

I am aware of numerous cases where the obese have been refused employment. Although it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate on the grounds of obesity they will always find another reason. However come under the programme I have for you and this will never happen to you again.

So many of you would have wasted hundreds if not thousands of pounds on weight loss products and treatments that have not worked. I am even aware of people investing thousands of pounds for weight loss surgery only to find that it has not worked. With the programme I propose you will save yourself a small fortune because you will never need to use such things ever. I am also aware that many of you would have spent a long time using weight loss programmes that have not worked. The programme I have for you will save you considerable time on this.

Many of you will have great pain- emotional and physical. Very often people in your position have terrible back pain caused by your abdominal fat and incredible pain in the hips and knees. That’s why so many of you get arthritis or if you already have it then the excess weight makes it worse. When I did orthopaedics as a medical student I used to see many cases of people with terrible hip or knee pain caused by arthritis made worse by obesity. All too often the surgeon or the anaesthetist would tell them that they were a surgical or anaesthetic risk due to the obesity and in every case the patient would express desperation asking how on earth could they lose weight when any form of exercise would hurt the hips, knees or back. These were people who were waking up at night with the pain. As a student I couldn’t say anything even though I knew of solutions.

I am not sure which is worse the emotional pain or the physical pain. I have had clients in the past whose partners have left them because of their obesity. You can argue if that person is the right partner but that’s a different story. One of the fastest growing causes of divorce or relationship breakdown is snoring. One of the commonest causes of snoring is obesity.

However for many of you your social lives are blighted because you are housebound (as detailed above). Overweight school kids are often the victims of bullies because they stand out and can’t fight back-something that carries on during adult life. Such people are ridiculed all their life.

Sometimes it is very moving to hear stories of people who can’t find boyfriends or girlfriends because of their obesity. I have heard lots of stories of people saying that bedroom activities are compromised because of obesity.

With the programme I have you will be alleviated of that pain and instead soon people will be very praiseworthy of how you look. You will also feel a lot more comfortable in yourself.

The best thing for you to do is have a good look at all the pages on this site and then get in touch to see how I can best help you.

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